All products are produced to the buyer's individual requirements or to recognised International standards.

  • Raw Sisal Fibre
  • Chopped Sisal Fibre
  • Sisal Rolls
  • Sisal Products
  • Sisal Baler Twine (for agriculture)
    Sisal Binder Twine (for agriculture)
    Sisal Silage Twine (for agriculture)
  • Sisal Rope Yarns
  • Sisal Carpet Yarns
  • Sisal Yarns for Polishing Cloth
  • Sisal Yarns for Steel Wire Rope Centres
  • Sisal Packing Twines

All Yarns and Twines can be clipped or unclipped, "S" twist or "Z" twist, oiled or unoiled, or treated with other special additions.

Runnages of Yarns between 60 M/Kg and 1000 M/Kg.

We also deal in specialised synthetic fibre products.

Sisal Information

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The Plant

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Sisal Grading