Wigglesworth & Co Limited ("Wigglesworth") are market leaders in the production and merchanting of raw sisal, particularly from East Africa, and, through their associated spinning mill in Tanzania, also leading world-wide distributors of manufactured sisal products, especially fine yarns.

In addition Wigglesworth have a prominent rôle in the merchanting and distribution of abaca (manila hemp) and abaca products including pulp and are leading merchants in flax. The company also deals in certain synthetic products (e.g. ropes and twines) and in coir and coir manufactures.

The Company re-entered, in 2001, the market for Jute Products (Jute Yarn, Carpet Backing Cloth and Jute Hessian Cloth) and has reestablished its position in this field, since that date.

From the beginning of 2007, the company is also involved in natural rubber and latex trading.

The Company is a long-standing member of each of the following trade associations:-

The London Sisal Association

The Manila Hemp Association