Public Notice: Scam Alert

28 September 2020

It has come to our attention that unauthorised individuals or organisations are using the name “Wigglesworth & Co” to offer to sell Personal Protective Equipment (‘PPE’) and, in particular, Nitrile Gloves. 

The scam appears to work as follows:

  1. The scammer offers for sale large volumes of PPE to the public through online platforms such as  
  2. Upon an order being placed with the scammer, a letter (often referred to as a Letter of Attestation) is usually sent to the customer by “Wigglesworth & Co” or by a law firm, usually based in India, which purports to represent “Wigglesworth & Co”. The letter confirms that the product is available for delivery and will often claim that it is stored in warehouses in Florida or other locations in the USA. The letter claims that the products will be delivered to the customer once proof of funds is verified. The scammer often requests that the customer provide a MT799 and / or purchase order.
  3. Once proof of funds have been provided by the customer, the scammer ceases contact and fails to deliver the PPE.

Wigglesworth & Co. Limited is based in London in the United Kingdom and is incorporated under Company Number 03973490. We have no connection with any businesses using the name “Wigglesworth & Co” operating outside of the United Kingdom. In particular, we have no affiliation with businesses based in India or the USA.

We are a natural fibre merchant. 

We are not involved in the sale of PPE.


We do not sell our products through online platforms such as We only ever take orders through the following methods:

  1. Via the email address listed on our company website.
  2. By telephone, on the number listed on our company website.

We will only ever contact you from an email address with the domain “”. We do not use free web-based email accounts. 

Please note that neither Wigglesworth & Co. Limited nor any of its members, directors or employees will be responsible for any losses incurred by you through the fraudulent actions of third parties and / or the improper use of the name “Wigglesworth & Co”.

How you can help

If you suspect any scam activity using the name “Wigglesworth & Co”, please contact us at

Please also report the scam to Action Fraud at (if you are based in the UK) or to your local police authority (if you are based outside of the UK) so that any criminal activity may be investigated.

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